Product ID: 1807/08

Georgian Hobgrate Height: 52cm (20.5″) Width: 93cm (36.5″) Depth: 26cm (10″).

Price: £185.00
Product ID: 1808/01

A classic Tudor Arch limestone fireplace (modern) complete with hearth. Height: 106cm (41.5″), Width: 136cm (53.5″), Height of inner aperture: 65cm (25.5″), Width of inner aperture: 55cm (21.5″), Depth of hearth: 50cm (19.5″).

Price: £1250.00
Product ID: 8008/47

Hobgrate. Dimensions: Height: 52cm Width: 76cm Depth: 23cm.

Price: £160.00
Product ID: 8009/124

Limestone Fireplace. Dimensions: Height: 117cm Width: 118.5cm Height of Inner Aperture: 94cm Width of Inner Aperture: 82cm.

Price: £850.00
Product ID: 9011/15

A plain, early twentieth Century Cotswold limestone fireplace, with shaped aperture and complete with associated hearth. English circa 1940. Dimensions: Height: 130cm (51”) Width: 163cm (64”) Depth: 56cm (22”).

Price: £650.00
Product ID: 9012/55

Cast iron insert. Dimensions: Height: 107cm (42.1″) Width: 92cm (36.2″) Height of inner aperture: 73cm (28.7″) Width of inner aperture: 50cm (19.6″) Depth: 16cm (6.2″).

Price: £85.00