Product ID: 2001/36

Firegrate on limestone plinth supports with fireback.

Height: 71cm (28″), Width: 115cm (45″), Depth: 33cm (13″).

Stock no. 2001/36

Price: £385
Product ID: 1904/06

Firebasket on firedogs

Height: 36cm (14″), Width: 89cm (35″), Depth: 54cm (21″)

Price: £285
Product ID: 1904/07

A weathered composition stone fireplace in the Tudor arch style with bordered aperture and stop chamfered lip moulding.

Height: 114cm (45″), Width: 138cm (54.5″), Height of inner aperture: 81cm (32″), Width of inner aperture: 89cm (35″), Depth: 17cm (6.5″).

Price: £685
Product ID: 1902/15

Cast Iron Insert
Height: 96cm (38″), Width: 96cm (38″).
Stock no. 1902/15

Price: £385
Product ID: 1902/10

A Classic Tudor Arch Limestone fireplace with moulded aperture complete with hearth.
Width of mantel: 121cm (47.5″), Overall height: 102cm (40″),  Height of inner aperture: 56cm (22″), Width of inner aperture: 47cm (18.5″), Depth of hearth: 50cm (19.5″).
Stock no. 1902/10

Price: £850
Product ID: 1016/9

Cast Iron Fire insert. Dimensions: Height: 91cm Width: 46cm.

Price: £140.00
Product ID: 1237/14

A pair of English, 18th Century, limestone hand carved corbels. Dimensions: Height: 86cm (34″) Width: 30cm (12″) Depth: 30cm (12″)

Price: £1200.00
Product ID: 1309/06

A wonderfully proportioned original Regency period, English limestone firesurround, with classic roundel end blocks surmounted by a moulded shelf, the header and jambs carved with reeded moulding and terminating in squared base blocks (one replaced). Refreshments to the inner slip returns. Circa 1830. Dimensions: Width of mantel: 118cm, Depth of mantel: 18cm, Total height: 113cm, Height of inner aperture: 94cm, Width of inner aperture: 61cm, Width of base blocks: 18cm.

Price: £2850.00
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