Product ID: 1309/06

A wonderfully proportioned original Regency period, English limestone firesurround, with classic roundel end blocks surmounted by a moulded shelf, the header and jambs carved with reeded moulding and terminating in squared base blocks (one replaced). Refreshments to the inner slip returns. Circa 1830. Dimensions: Width of mantel: 118cm, Depth of mantel: 18cm, Total height: 113cm, Height of inner aperture: 94cm, Width of inner aperture: 61cm, Width of base blocks: 18cm.

Price: £2850.00
Product ID: 1409/03

An original 1850’s cast iron insert associated to surround 1409/02. Height & Width: 91cm (36″).

Price: £850.00
Product ID: 1420/06

Cast iron fireinsert. Dimensions: Height: 94cm (37″) Width: 61cm (24″) Aperture Height: 56cm (22″) Aperture Width: 41cm (16″).

Price: £65.00
Product ID: 1508/13

Pair of Firedogs with brass roundels Height: 52cm (20.5″), Width: 42cm (16.5″), Length: 60cm (24″).

Price: £385.00
Product ID: 1508/14

Firebasket. Height: 43cm (17″), Width: 66cm (26″), Depth: 38cm (15″).

Price: £385.00
Product ID: 1608/13

An original Victorian period cast iron insert. Height: 61cm (2ft), Width: 91.5cm (3ft).

Price: £385.00
Product ID: 1608/14x

A modern limestone fireplace in the traditional Tudor style with aperture moulding and a graduated shelf. Height: 137cm (54″), Width of mantel: 195cm (77″), Height of inner aperture: 90cm (35.5″), Width of inner aperture: 146cm (57.5″).

Price: £1250.00
Product ID: 1610/10

Large firebasket with gothic style fireback. English. Early 20th Century. Height of fireback: 92cm (36″), width of fireback: 126cm (49.5″), height of firedogs: 83cm (32.5″), width of firebasket: 130cm (51″), depth of firebasket (59cm (23″).

Price: £2850.00