Product ID: 1806/11

Composition Stone Single Gadrooned Urn on a flared square base Height; 38cm (15″), diameter at rim; 48cm (19″).

Price: £125.00
Product ID: 1605/23

A pair of mid century composition stone urns in classical form. Height: 58cm (23″), External diameter: 65cm (25.5″).

Price: £485.00
Product ID: 1511/36

A carved semi-lune limestone wall basin. French. 19th Century. Height: 84cm (33″), width: 150cm (59″), depth: 92cm (36″).

Price: £3850.00
Product ID: 1802/10

Composition Stone Urn on socle and plinth. Height: 102cm (40″), Width of plinth: 34cm x 31cm (13.5″ x 12.25″), Width of Urn (at widest): 49cm (19.25″).

Price: £885.00
Product ID: 1806/09

Large Frostproof Composition Stone Urn Height; 109cm (43″), Diameter at rim; 86cm (34″).

Price: £650.00
Product ID: 1806/12

A pair of composition stone swagged urns on flared bases standing on classical plinths. Height; 95cm (37.5″), width/depth of base; 36cm (14″).

Price: £485.00
Product ID: 1806/15

A nice pair of gadrooned urns on stepped square bases Height; 22cm (56″), width/depth of base; 36cm (14″).

Price: £485.00
Product ID: 1406/01

Set of 4 Lead Planters. Height: 23cm (9″), Width: 18cm (7″), Length: 100cm (39.5″).

Price: £2200.00