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Product ID: 1303/12
Tudor Arch Fireplace
A classic Bath stone Tudor arched fireplace complete with hearth. Dimensions: Height; 124cm (49"), Width; 151cm (59.5"), Height of inner aperture; 93cm (36.5"), Width of inner aperture; 93cm (36.5"), Depth of hearth; 38cm (15") Stock no. 1303/12
Price: 2,650.00

Product ID: 1016/9
Cast Iron Fire insert
Cast Iron Fire insert. Dimensions: Height: 91cm Width: 46cm Stock No: 1016.9
Price: 140.00

Product ID: 1420/06
Cast Iron Fireinsert
Cast Iron Fireinsert
Cast iron fireinsert. Dimensions: Height: 94cm (37") Width: 61cm (24") Aperture Height: 56cm (22") Aperture Width: 41cm (16") Stock No: 1420.06
Price: 65.00

Product ID: 9011/15
A Plain Cotswold Stone Fireplace
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A Plain Cotswold Stone Fireplace
A plain, early twentieth Century Cotswold limestone fireplace, with shaped aperture and complete with associated hearth. English circa 1940. Dimensions: Height: 130cm (51) Width: 163cm (64) Depth: 56cm (22) Stock No: 9011.15
Price: 650.00

Product ID: 9012/55
Cast Iron Insert
Cast iron insert. Dimensions: Height: 107cm (42.1") Width: 92cm (36.2") Height of inner aperture: 73cm (28.7") Width of inner aperture: 50cm (19.6") Depth: 16cm (6.2") Stock No: 9012.55
Price: 85.00

Product ID: 8008/47
Hobgrate. Dimensions: Height: 52cm Width: 76cm Depth: 23cm Stock No: 8008.47
Price: 160.00

Product ID: 8009/124
Limestone Fireplace
Limestone Fireplace. Dimensions: Height: 117cm Width: 118.5cm Height of Inner Aperture: 94cm Width of Inner Aperture: 82cm. Stock No: 8009.124
Price: 850.00

Product ID: 1309/06
Original Regency period English limestone firesurround
A wonderfully proportioned original Regency period, English limestone firesurround, with classic roundel end blocks surmounted by a moulded shelf, the header and jambs carved with reeded moulding and terminating in squared base blocks (one replaced). Refreshments to the inner slip returns. Circa 1830. Dimensions: Width of mantel: 118cm, Depth of mantel: 18cm, Total height: 113cm, Height of inner aperture: 94cm, Width of inner aperture: 61cm, Width of base blocks: 18cm. Stock no. 1309/06
Price: 2,850.00

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