Product ID: 1607/29

Dark Painted Composition Stone Maiden on Plinth Height: 137cm (54″), Width/Depth of base: 29cm (11.5″).

Price: £685.00
Product ID: 1511/37

A pair of carved Vosges stone lions heads. Possibly 17th Century. Height: 53cm (21″), width: 33cm (13″).

Price: £2850.00
Product ID: 1806/16

Frostproof Composition Stone Fountain Height; 170cm (67″), Diameter at Rim; 115cm (45″), Width/depth of base; 70cm (27.5″).

Price: £3850.00
Product ID: 1607/25

Cast Iron Cherub with Swan on associated composition stone plinth. Height of Cherub: 50cm (19.5″), Height of plinth: 69cm (27″), Diameter of plinth: 43cm (17″).

Price: £650.00
Product ID: 1802/05

Composition stone statue of Pandora looking to Sinister. Height: 158cm (62″), Diameter at base: 46cm (18″).

Price: £985.00
Product ID: 1308/07

Composition Stone Classical Figure. Height (inc base): 216cm (85″), Height of base: 75cm (29.5″), Width of base: 46cm (18″).

Price: £1650.00
Product ID: 1010/24

A 19th Century Weathered Limestone Pond Surround. Dimensions: External Length: 5.37m (18′), External Width: 3.12m (10′) approx.

Price: £6850.00
Product ID: 1008/05

Antique Limestone Well Head. Dimensions: Height: 66cm Ext Width: 117cm Int Width: 76cm.

Price: £4850.00